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To retain information longer in our minds, we need to understand the subject with clarity. To gain clarity, we need to dig a bit deep and know behind the scenes. But often when we do that, we get lost in the sea of information, complicate things, and lose track.

Here is an attempt to strike a balance, keep it simple but yet go one step deep! Come and join this amazing journey with us, subscribe to our newsletter, and get short and crisp Python bites!

Stephen Guise Mini Habits Quote
Slow & Steady Wins The Race

Take One Small Step At A Time!

Python is vast and ever-evolving with so many libraries, functions, features, etc., leaving us to feel overwhelmed. We often wonder “How long will I take to learn it all?”, “Too many functionalities! How can I remember them?”, “How can I keep myself up to date with the limited time I have?” and more.

Stephen Guise, the author of Mini Habits (a self-development book), has a simple and effective solution for this. Take a tiny step every day towards your goal. Let the task be so small that you could easily complete it 100% each time you do it. This creates a powerful habit making you accomplish much more than you thought you could!

So, we recommend you to go through only one post in a day. We keep our posts short, a 3-5 mins read. We hope you spend this short time with us every day and build your Python habit.
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Data Science & Machine Learning

Are you learning Python because you are interested in the field of Data Science? Find interesting articles related to Data Science, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Predictive Analytics, Data Analysis & Visualization, Feature Engineering, Database systems, and others. There are tons of resources all over the internet to learn Python and Machine learning. Separating wheat from chaff is always a daunting task.

Apart from interesting articles on Data Science & Machine Learning, you will find THE BEST RESOURCES to learn the subject here. Time is precious and this will save you some time. That’s not all. You will also benefit from learning our solutions to some of the Machine Learning hackathons which we took part on Analytics Vidhya, Machinehack, Zindi, etc. Stay relevant in the fast-changing world!

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Chetan Ambi Swathi Ambi

We are a couple who are passionate about programming and cutting-edge technology. We both got inspired about Data Science by Andrew Ng’s course on Machine Learning and a few Ted Talks some years ago. As Python is widely used in this field, we started learning it. Come along and join us in this journey, check out the Blog section and Subscribe.

Chetan Ambi

Technical Blogger, Machine Learning Engineer & Lead

Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science) 2009 VTU, India

By taking part in several Hackathons and working on projects, Chetan has gained experience in Python, Predictive Analytics like Regression and Classification, Natural Language Processing, and others. He really likes to connect with you and share things like the best learning resources, hackathon experiences and, interesting technical concepts with you via this blog. Read More…

Swathi Ambi

Technical Blogger, Software Developer and Lead

Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science) 2009 VTU, India

Swathi started learning Python recently. As a beginner, she gets probably some of the same questions as you do, gets the same error, or gets stuck from time to time. Just like you, she tries to google and find answers, reach out to mentors, and learn from mistakes. She has a habit of keeping extensive notes while studying and you can find it in the form of a blog here. Read More…

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